Algebra Homework Help: Step By Step To Success

Often algebra creates problems for students because of the forms. Try looking at it this way. Algebra is an overly complex method for doing simple math. The key here is simple. Break it down into simple terms, and remove the parenthesis, and then replace the letter with an underline mark.

(x*3)-2= 10 looks harder than _*3-2= 10 yet they both say the same thing. In this way x=4 no matter how you do it. (x*3)=12, 12-2= 10, _*3=12, 12-2= 10.

  1. KISS
  2. Notes
  3. Breaking down and formatting
  4. Check your math

  • KISS
  • Almost everyone knows the KISS rule; “Keep It Simple, Stupid” In other words do not make it harder on yourself than it actually needs to be. Always break your math problems into simpler forms and work on it that way. Never let a form try to make you do the process at once, you will never succeed. Math has a level of complexity to it to begin with. Letting a form increase that makes no sense, yet all schools want to do just that. So you have to be smarter, and find an easier way to defeat the form.

  • Notes
  • Your instructor will give you all you need to know about how to break your form down. Take notes and make sure they cover the keys you will need. Then when you do your math, read through them and look for the keys to how to make the form simpler. They are there. Just remember that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, algebra meanders across the country to get to the two points. So read your notes to find the easiest way.

  • Breaking down and formatting
  • After looking through your notes, find the best way to break down your algebra problem. Start with removing everything that make the form look harder. Then break the form up into pieces that are easy to handle. Algebra is made up of connected parts, but they can be separated. (3x+10)*12=12+(18*y), so if you break this down into 3_+10*12= and you know that 18*_ +12 equals the same thing what is the common number? So if you put x=2, then you come up with 192. 192-12= 180. So you know that works, y=10.

  • Check your math
  • Always check your math. Make sure you have the right numbers and did not put the wrong number in, or figure it out wrong. The best way is to check it the same way as your grade school taught you, backwards. If 18*10=180, and 180+12=192, then the other part should equal the same thing. So this should equal the same; 3*2+10= 16,16*12= 192.

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